Coal is one of the things that currently make the world turn, it generates billions of pounds for governments and is one of the main factors contributing to global warming and the ultimate destruction of earth. But there is now nothing we can do about it apart from view the happenings. Fossil Fuels are due to be finished in 2088 and that date will surely get closer the more we use daily. But who are the biggest contributors to this global shortage.



Producing around 65 million tons of coal in 2013 the country has seen declines in the coal production industry due to the ongoing conflicts, it has seen a decline of around 30% and has started to import large amounts from South Africa.


Producing close to 86 million tons of coal in 2013 the Colombian mining agency has reported an increase of 18% in mineral production. However, Colombia has fallen short of their target of 89 million tons.


Standing 8th in the worlds coal production, with a huge 116.6 million tons of coal being produced in 2012. The country has reported reserves of up to 33.6 billion tons and holds the eighth largest coal reserve in the world

South Africa

Contributing 260 million tonnes to the global market, south Africa is 7th in the worlds production of coal along with being the 6th largest coal exporter. South Africa mostly exports to countries in Europe and Asia such as china and India. South Africa also claims to have reserves of around 30 billion.


Russia produced a mighty 354.8 million tonnes of coal in 2012, Russia is also the 5th largest consumer of coal. It exported over 133 million tonnes in 2012 becoming the world’s third largest exporter of coal. With around 157 billion tonnes in reserves Russia has the second largest reserve in the world. Open pit mining makes up for more than 50% of all Russia’s coal production.


Coming in at 5th, having produced 386 million tonnes of coal. Coal is responsible for over 44% of Indonesia’s electricity. The country has around 5.5 billion tonnes in reserves.


As the coal output for Australia is huge, reaching 413 million tonnes in 2013. With a number like that it is positioned the 4th largest miner of coal. It also exports around 90% of its coal coming second to Indonesia.


India’s coal production has reached around 605 million tonnes P/A and consumes around 8% of the world’s total coal supply making it the third largest producer and consumer. Another crazy thing is that India is 3rd when it comes to importing coal. The coal reserves in India are estimated to be around 60 billion tonnes. Ranking it at number 3 globally.

The United States

Coming second worldwide in coal production, the USA generated 922 million tonnes in 2013 and represents 13% of the global coal production. It is also the second largest consumer in the world, nearly 37% of the nation’s electricity production depends on coal. The USA also has the largest reserve in the world coming in at 237 billion tonnes.


China has been the biggest producers of coal for the past 30 years un rivalled, china produced an incredible 3.7 billion tonnes in 2013 representing 47% of the world’s yield. It is estimated that china uses half of its coal for power and uses it to generate 80% of the country’s needs.

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