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Clean Coal

Clean coal – yes there is such a thing…

We only use clean coal at ea coal, we make sure all of our packing is recycled so that we are doing our part for the environment and not harming it.

Coal is now labelled the dirtiest of all the earth’s fossil fuels. When the coal is burnt, it usually produces emissions that contribute to global problem like acid rain, global warming etc.….

However, with all the waffle surrounding biofuels, hydropower, and nuclear energy, you should take a long hard look if you really think coal is dying down.

Coal isn’t just the small sooty solution of the industrial revolution! – it generates more than half of the electricity in the U.S and will probably be this way for a while since it is cheap and still produced on a massive scale.

Clean coal reduces the harmful effects on the environment by making use of multiple technologies to clean out all its emissions.

It is a fossil fuel that is made up of carbons and hydrocarbons. Coal helps make useful products like tar and plastics. Coal is burned to make steam that turns around wind turbines and then generates electricity.

When coal is burned, what gets released is carbon dioxide and other emissions, the huge smoke clouds you see pouring out into the atmosphere. How, clean coal technology purifies the coal before it is burned. One type of technology that is being used is coal washing. It removes unwanted minerals by putting crushed coal and liquid together which allows the harmful toxins in the coals to be separated.

Another technology that can used to keep coal emissions down is called a technology called wet scrubbers. Wet scrubbers remove the sulfur dioxide from coal, this harmful dioxide is what causes acid rain. The way the procedure of wet scrubbing works is spraying flue gas with water and limestone. 

Low-nitrogen oxide burners reduce the creation of the nitrogen oxides, this is a cause of level ozone, which restricts oxygen.

Electrostatic remove the particles that causes asthma and cause breath problems by changing particles with an electric field, capturing them on plates.

The final advancement in clean coal technology is gasification, which avoids burning the coals completely. Integrated gasification combined cycle systems, hot pressured air and steam with coal, forces carbons molecules apart from each other. This results in something called syngas, which is a mixture of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. This is then cleaned and is burned inside of a gas turbine to make the electricity. Heat energy from the gas turbine powers steam turbines.

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