Welcome to EA Coal.

EaCoal is a new and free site that is dedicated tpo providing information regarding the use of cleaner and renewable sources of energy. With fossil fuels predicted to be completely vanish by 2088, we need a new method of powering our progression. This being the case, many scientists and companies are on the constant search for the next big, efficient, clean and renewable source

We provide regular energy, fuel and heating advice. This all comes in the form of a blog post. This way we are able to keep running costs down. We post around 2-3 times a week about relevant topics that we think our readers would enjoy.

How did we come about?

The world is running our of important fuels that we use each and every day such as coal and petroleum products. If we do not find a new way to power our earth then we are going to be in serious trouble. Not only will we run out which will lead to wars, but we are killing the planet we live on more and more each year. When burning these fuels we create the greenhouse affect.

Can we do anything to help?

For general member of the public it is hard to make a real difference on your own in terms of changing your habits. However, that doesn't mean there is no point as there are thousands of people across the world who will be doing the same as you. We suggest the following:

  • I bet as a child your parents would tell you off for leaving the landing light on, this saves them electricity but also reduced the amount of fuel needed to power your home.
  • Next, we suggest that in the future you attempt to switch from a traditional engine to a fully electric or hybrid engine. This will result in lower fuel costs and road tax for your self.
  • Install an electronic thermostat that measures the heat in your home, this is great as it will only use the heating when it really needs to do so. Once heated up it will simply shut it off.
  • Replace all your light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs that can use 60% less energy than normal ones, these can be found in most hardware stores and online.

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