About our Company

We have been serving people across the united kingdom for 50 years.

We stock a range of coals, designed for a lot of domestic uses, from stoves to cookers.

If you are unsure on what coal and benefits of it, please do not be afraid to ask our specialists that are willing to help.

All of our staff are available to help during working hours.


We have a shop that is based in BIRMINGHAM UK.

This shop allows you to purchase and collect coal at your own convenience.

You can browse through our many coals that we have in the shop or take a look at our many pages we have on this website about the coals that we supply.

This informs you on what they are and how they benefit the environment.

Nationwide Delivery

We offer free local deliveries of garden and coal supplies in and around BIRMINGHAM, UK.

This could be either by the traditional 50kg or 25kg local delivery, or long distance deliveries in 10kg or 20kg bags.

How Coal is Found:

Where to Find us:

Where to find us

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Our Owner

John Macklerin - Owner

I've spent a numerous amount of years in this coal industry. I used to personally mine for coal myself.

I wanted to make a complete difference in how we look at coal and our goal is to provide good, clean coal to the globe, nationwide and locally. Coal really is so important to the world, to be able to provide it for domestic use after dealing with industry is a huge step back. 

We have a range of smokeless fuels which are less damaging to the environment more than non smokeless coals. 

I made sure we had a page that described every coal in detail of why it is beneficial. I really hope to have a more successful future than we already have and will always carry on to supply coal.  

-John Macklerin (owner)